My 15-Minute City

From local economy to active transportation, 15-minute city insights can make all the difference.

A screenshot of GeoMate's 15-minute city platform. Walkable areas from a given location are highlighted in blue.

Evaluate Walkability & Bikeability

Get specific insights into how walkable and bikeable your city or neighbourhood is. Adjust your results based on mode of transportation, amount of time – plus, overlay the location of points of interest. 

GeoMate’s My 15-Minute City platform operates as a standalone product, or it can complement complete sidewalk & cycle lane datasets. 

Gain Economic Insights

With precise information about how residents can access different locations, you can draw inferences about your local economy.

These insights allow for data-driven decisions around zoning and infrastructure, and they can provide local businesses with important context surrounding how accessible any given location may be.

Schools are overlayed on a map, and the area from a given location that is within 15 minutes, biking, is highlighted.

Want to see My 15-Minute City in action?