E-Scooters & E-Bikes

Spatial data that expands opportunities for e-scooter operations.

A screenshot of sidewalk and crosswalk data overlayed on the San Francisco downtown core.

Sidewalk Detection

Provide your users with seamless, safe e-scooter experience. 

We provide sidewalk location and geometry data that’s centimeter-level accurate. Our clients have successfully integrated our sidewalk intelligence into their e-scooters’ systems, resulting in a sidewalk detection rate of 85%. Most importantly, our data gives 0% false positives, meaning your riders don’t experience disruptions in service.

Feasibility Analysis

Our location datasets support flexible and sustainable micromobility, including e-scooter and bike sharing services. 

GeoMate bridges the gap between businesses and municipalities, ensuring safety for all community members. Our data aids in navigation and routing, as well as identifying appropriate areas of operation.

Two women riding electric scooters

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