Active Transportation Planning

Expand & improve sidewalk and bike lane infrastructure to support your community.

A screenshot of sidewalk and crosswalk data overlayed on the San Francisco downtown core.

Improve Sidewalk Networks

In a world built for cars, it’s difficult to find sidewalk data. Our maps support data-driven urban planning that centers safe and convenient pedestrian transportation. 

Get the full picture of your sidewalk network’s connectivity, complete with crosswalks, walking paths, and flagged missing sidewalk segments. 

Our sidewalk geometry is accurate within 10 centimeters.

Expand Bike Lane Networks

Upgrade the accuracy and comprehensiveness of your bike lane data and identify gaps in your cycle network with GeoMate’s bike lane datasets. 

We can extract multi-use trails and paved, sharrow, and protected bike lanes to give you a better understanding of cycle network connectivity and an opportunity for improvement & expansion. 

Assess Accessibility

Based on our sidewalk datasets, our accessibility algorithm takes it a step further. Identify gaps in the sidewalk network and sidewalk segments with inadequate width. 

These data can be used to flag areas in which the sidewalk is not meeting ADA/AODA standards to prioritize infrastructure improvement. 

Upgrade your Esri Datasets

Does your municipality already work in Esri? All of our datasets (as well as data requested on-demand) are available through the Esri marketplace. 

Enhance the accuracy and completeness of your existing datasets, or add new feature layers like sidewalks or crosswalks with GeoMate. 

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